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We build relationships that create value!

Alfred Jordan has been serving clients globally across 40+ countries for couple of decades. Which means that we are more than just helping our clients find the best solutions. Most of all, this shows our commitment in building a strong, trust-based relationships with our clients. Being their reliable partners in tax, law, valuation and banking decisions as well as in defining and implementing their long-term visions.

We are known to deliver high quality service and solutions for the globally mobile clients across the spectrum of Professionals, Doctors, C-Suite executives, Celebrities, Sportsperson, HNI, NRI, RNRI, Salaried Resident employees, among others

We also serve clients including multinationals, companies listed on exchanges, privately held and family-owned businesses, Government organisations, Financial Institutions, Trusts, across countries.

The local partner to the global Indian

We help our clients achieve their business, professional, as well as personal objectives for long-term success. It is the ability to empathise, respect each other and closely cooperate, that creates the basis for building deep relationships and helps us identify what really matters and how to best achieve it.

One-stop solution with seamless cross-practice services. We draw upon our deep domain expertise and experience to assist you with the right combination of tax, legal, valuation and banking solutions that add value.

We emphasise on simplifying complex tax rules so that you as a client can make the right tax planning decisions and reduce the ongoing burden of tax compliance.

Proven track record with a high success ratio in representation and litigation before tax authorities.

Extensive experience in handling and advising high net- worth individuals, NRI, RNRI and expatriates regarding tax and regulatory matters who are spread across 40+ countries.

We go the extra mile to establish credibility with tax authorities while keeping abreast with frequent tax and regulatory changes and preparing clients for any changes in policies and processes.

Proprietary Process to execute transactions remotely. Our process has been engineered over the years to enable you to execute most of the work through us, without even visiting India.

Well acclaimed team with the right combination of functional and technical skills to work seamlessly so as to maximize value to stakeholders

We are recognised as one of the leading independent specialist in tax, legal and valuation advisory firms in India for the globally mobile clients.